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The Jiyang Lake Eco-tourism Area is located in the south of Zhangjiagang City, with a total area of 4.41 square kilometers and a green land rate of over 70%. The water area of the central area of Jiyang Lake is 1000 mu. It is a method of centralized soil borrowing when the Yangtze River Expressway was built in 2000. The artificial lake excavated... [More]
According to local history records, Jiyang Lake is located between the north country of Yangshe, Gushan and Heyang. It was originally a lake moorland and a millennium relic of more than 20 miles. There are lakes everywhere, gull cranes are often inhabited; trees are green, and elk are in groups. Artemisia sinensis is everywhere, fish and shrimp are full of ponds;...[More]

Introduction to Jiyang Lake Financial Street

The Jiyang Lake Financial District is located in the southwest of the Jiyang Lake Ecological Park. It faces the Jinghu Ecological Park in the east, the high-scale large-scale community in the north – Shimao·Jiusishu in the north, and the provincial wetland park in the south. It is the Jiyang Lake Ecological Park. Important business travel package.[More]

Introduction to Jiyang Lake Tea House

After a year of hard work, on December 8th, 2013, the JI Yanghu Tea House was like a flower with a fragrant flower in the shadow of the fragrance. Located on the shore of Jiyang Lake, the tea house is surrounded by the lake and is like a bright pearl. It is organically integrated with the ecology.[More]